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How to maintain bathroom stone

Seemingly extremely hard stone, in fact, very delicate, we need to use the pavement and intensive care. Bathroom with a bath due to a specific function, more water vapor, the laying of the stone if improper maintenance, easily contaminated. Common contamination by mold, dirt and bacteria caused. Stone surface often becomes dull and generate a similar circle cloudy white stains.

If the hotels, guesthouses and other large public places, toilet, bathroom, etc., can be operated in accordance with the following procedure:

(1) Make sure the surface is dry, never be too protective agent protection. If necessary, to use a neutral detergent to clean the surface of the stone surface clean and dry, ready for the next polishing.

(2) supplied with the product key will polish the surface of the liquid evacuated, then sprinkle with the same amount of polishing powder. On (O.0929 square meter) stone surface per square foot each with a half spoon powder and liquid polishes].

(3) 100-140 lbs ground grinding machine ($ 50 175 rev / min), or hand-grinding machine (1,500-2,500 rev / min), with white nylon pad (preferably 5M polishing felt pad), wool mat, burlap or other non-abrasive polishing pad to polish. On the ground need to be addressed polishing, sanding every 6-8 feet (0.56-0.74 meters) until the brightness returns.

(4) rinse thoroughly with water, followed by cotton polishing so that the show shine.

Some stone inherently suitable for use in the bathroom, for example, hard material, denser material softer than marble, high water absorption of marble is more appropriate. The degree of tolerance of light-colored stone slightly soapy water pollution is stronger than some of the dark stone, therefore not recommended for use in the bathroom serpentine green and black marble, stone surface so that the possibility of contamination is relatively small.

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